The majority of our pieces are meticulously designed and/or made in Europe. At Ti Vesto, we prioritize quality over quantity and ensure that each item we sell was produced with integrity, so you can shop worry-free.

See the hottest trends in the fashion industry! Ti Vesto Boutique in Burlington, ON brings you the creations of emerging designers from all over Europe. The labels we carry are always changing, but our main ones are from Italy, Spain, France, Denmark, and the United Kingdom; when you shop at Ti Vesto, your clothes will always be one in a million – wanted by all, worn by few.


Established in 2005, Edas is an Italian clothing brand dedicated to designing high-quality fashion that caters to a myriad of body types. Edas meticulously designs their garments with the female figure in mind, seeking to accentuate each woman’s aesthetic harmony, unique character, and alluring femininity. Every Edas garment has been curated with care, bursting with practical and original style for any and all occasions; the innovative and creative force that drives Edas’ passion for developing durable, stylish, and cost-efficient fashion introduces a perfect combination of elegance and versatility.

La Fabrique

La Fabrique is an Italian fashion brand that seeks to dress those in search of exclusive details, authentic comfort, and sartorial care. La Fabrique was established in 2002 by Marie-France Russeil and Emanuele Vivian; the pair inspired the miraculous growth of their urban and retro-minimal chic clothing company, guiding it to become well-known throughout Europe. Using pure and honest materials, designer and curator Marie-France channels her cosmopolitan and European taste into each collection, creating a mesmerizing story of culture and experience on the surface of each garment. Marie-France prides herself on the quality of every collection, as she is guided in her style choices by a passionate and inspired instinct in addition to twenty years of experience in the fashion industry. La Fabrique’s collections speak for themselves as their beauty shines through the ways in which they flatteringly highlight the feminine figure.

No Man’s Land

No Man’s Land is a European clothing brand based in Marken and Venice. The vast majority of the materials used in production are of European origin as the company diligently works with small, local, and family-owned Italian producers; every single garment that is created meets and exceeds the European guidelines designed to regulate labour, environment, and consumer protection. No Man’s Land’s head designer works closely with fabric producers throughout the design and production process, thereby guaranteeing the highest quality. Pure materials, made of the finest yarn, are the essence of the timeless basics in every collection. The company’s unique name is derived from a poem found on the back of Lene Lovich’s 1982 record:

‘a no man’s land of love and trust
an open space long forgot
respect for all
where honesty can still survive
fresh face smiles
and friendly eyes’

These profound words resonated with Anet Ooijman and Salvatore Cascone as they felt that each line was relevant and similar to the ethics of their company. With that inspiration, the pair went on to create their wildly successful clothing brand.

Souvenir Clubbing

Souvenir does not describe themselves as a company. Instead, they say that Souvenir is a journey, a path which dozens of people walk down by mutual agreement every day. The brand’s designer walks down this path when he skillfully observes the soul of the modern woman and creates garments which appeal to her energy. The clothing that is inspired by his heart and passion is specifically constructed to perfectly suit a woman’s feminine figure. Each member of the Souvenir team walks down this path, dedicated to creating elegant masterpieces from the purest and prettiest fabrics. You, the consumer, are also walking along this path. Souvenir’s goal is to produce fashion that is sober but not minimal, elegant but not ostentatious. Each member of the Souvenir family creates the collective driving force behind their creative innovations, thereby allowing the journey to continue.


Tolerance is an Italian clothing brand defined by dedication and attention to detail. The result? Modern apparel that is curated specifically for the fashionably-inclined women of the world. Each collection provides a stunning insight into the distinguished standards upheld by the working artisans who produce the garments. To gaze at a piece of clothing by Tolerance is to truly be able to look upon some of the greatest artistry in the fashion industry; pure textiles, bold shapes, and diverse lines are just a few of the core elements that contribute to the creation of excellence. Tolerance is where research and statistics meet instinct and passion, and where traditional tailoring meets technical innovation. The fabrics used in the production process are individually studied and worked with devotion and care, allowing them to evolve into practical, comfortable, yet undeniably stylish masterpieces.


PERIPHERY was brought into existence in 2001, by the very talented Samuel Bardon and Greg Atkins. The pair sought to design and manufacture effortless, timeless, and relevant clothing in the modern world; by combining premium, high-quality fabrics and materials with innovative designs, Bardon and Atkins have done just that. 100% of PERIPHERY’s gorgeous clothing is proudly designed and made in Canada, in keeping with their goal of passionately and consistently elevating classic design.

Lolili Italian Scarves

Canadian photographer, Katherine Keates, has always sought to capture the world’s magic through photography. Her extensive and eclectic collection of travel, landscape, and art photography has won international recognition. Reconnecting with a love of textiles and passion for colour, Katherine listened to her heart and entrepreneurial spirit, and thus Lolili was born. With one big breath and one giant step forward, she has boldly ventured beyond the traditional. Katherine now offers her expressive photo art in the form of luxurious fashion textiles that allow her customers to connect with their own stories, passions, memories, and dreams.

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